Smelly Shoes

What Are the Causes of Smelly Shoes? 3 Home Remedies That Help

Sometimes our shoes smell and this smell can be a very unpleasant situation in society. Especially in the summer months, when the heat increases, we encounter smelly shoes more often. In this article, we explain how shoe odour occurs and what precautions you can easily take at home against smelly shoes.

What are the causes of smelly shoes?

The most common causes of shoe odor are bacteria and sweat. Sweat in itself is initially odourless, even on the feet. The unpleasant odour develops when the bacteria it contains come into contact with the air. Bacteria thrive in damp areas, so they are more likely to be found on your feet and shoes. Sweat is another reason why shoes smell, as it contains salt, which can make the area smell like a dead animal. And especially in summer, many people sweat more on their feet. This creates the typical stench, which can also spread to the shoes.

Smelly Shoes

How to prevent smelly shoes

One way to avoid shoe odour is to wear socks with your shoes or to wear sandals instead of closed shoes when you are outside for a long time. You should also wash and dry your feet thoroughly before putting on socks and shoes, or wear cotton socks that absorb sweat. If the smell is coming from your feet, it may be due to a fungal infection.

The key to avoiding smelly shoes is to keep them clean and dry. It is important to wash your shoes and insoles every few weeks. You can also use a disinfectant spray on the inside of your shoes. Keep your shoes in a cool and dry place, preferably on a shoe rack or shelf. Dry your shoes between wears by letting them air out for a few hours. A popular way to avoid smelly shoes is to store them in containers or bags with lids. This keeps the insides and outsides of the shoes clean and dry and prevents odour-causing bacteria from forming.

Home Remedies

How to Clean Smelly Shoes – 3 Home Remedies for Unwanted Odour

1. Peels of citrus fruits
Especially the peels of oranges and lemons help against shoe odour. To do this, remove the peel of fresh fruit from the pulp and place it in your shoes overnight. The peel contains natural essential oils that make the unpleasant smell disappear.

2. Baking powder
Baking powder is a real all-rounder and popular household remedy. The baking soda can, for example, remove a yellow tinge in the hair or whiten the teeth. Baking soda is also effective against stinky shoes and neutralises unpleasant odours. To do this, sprinkle a packet into the affected shoes and leave the agent to work overnight. The next morning, simply tap it out or use a hoover.

3. Baby powder
Let’s stick to powdered home remedies. Baby powder works similarly to baking soda, absorbing moisture and thus drying the shoes. Again, it is advisable to use it overnight: Apply a generous amount of powder to the shoes, let it soak in and tap it out the next day. This home remedy is particularly effective for shoes that are usually worn without socks, such as climbing shoes.

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