Your dog loves you

4 Signs That Your Dog Loves You

You can’t be angry with your four-legged friend, even though it pees on your shoes, scratches your furniture and breaks your favourite vase. That’s how much you love your dog. Have you ever thought about whether it loves you or not? In this article, we show you 4 signs that your dog loves you.

People and dogs: an unbeatable team! Dogs have been considered faithful companions of humans for thousands of years. Scientists assume that humans and wolves came closer together as early as about 15,000 to 20,000 years ago. The wolf quickly evolved into the dog – the beginning of a long friendship. Today, dogs are inseparable from humans and firmly integrated into our society. Some dogs even have real jobs. For example, some of the furry noses work as guides for the blind, at customs and in the police and drug squad.

Your dog love you

4 signs that your dog loves you

1. Your dog greets you effusively.

Your dog jumps, bounces, wags his tail and whines with joy when you come home? These are clear signs that your furry friend has missed you very much – and is correspondingly happy about your return. It can be enough to take out the rubbish for a moment to trigger the animal dance of joy. Your dog just can’t help himself – and needs to express his love and affection.

Dogs socks

2. Your dog is completely infatuated with your shoes and socks.

Your dog loves your shoes and worn socks and regularly pulls them off the shelf or laundry basket? You probably find this behaviour rather annoying, but your dog is demonstrating his affection. Because: For dogs, smells are enormously important. And hardly anything smells as strongly of its master as sweaty socks or old shoes.

Dogs Toys

3. Your dog shares his favourite toy with you.

Whether it’s a squeaky bone, a stuffed duck or simply a worn blanket, most dogs have an absolute favourite toy that they don’t like to share. When your dog voluntarily brings you his favourite toy, it’s a real sign of love.

4. Your dog uses you as a leaning point.

Dogs only lean on a person when you can trust them. Because then they seek closeness and affection. This behaviour can occur, for example, in everyday life or when going for a walk. Or when your dog is anxious or nervous. It means: I feel safe with you because I know you will protect me.

We love our pets. We love them so much that they are often considered members of the family. They are also considered best friends and confidants.

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