Cucumber Diet

How Does the Cucumber Diet Work?

Cucumber is not only a super beauty weapon for a natural glow and fresh skin: the versatile vegetable can also help you lose weight. Cucumbers are the lowest calorie food and are healthy for the pancreas, support digestion. They are also rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes and trace elements. In this article, we reveal how the cucumber diet works.

Is the cucumber diet healthy?

In addition to helping to lose weight, cucumber also helps many ailments such as joint pain and rheumatism. Due to its high water content, cucumber also fights constipation, calms the heart and strengthens connective tissue. 100 g of cucumber is only 14 cal in total. Therefore, the cucumber is a real slimming aid and can be eaten in large quantities during diets without a guilty conscience.

Cucumbers are good for our health and are especially refreshing in summer. Their high water content keeps the body hydrated. Cucumbers are rich in good nutrients and antioxidants that can help treat and even prevent some diseases. For all these reasons, we can conclude that the cucumber diet is healthy.

Cucumber Juice

What makes the cucumber so valuable?

But why is the cucumber considered such a wonder weapon? There are several reasons:

  • It contains a lot of bitter substances. These stimulate fat burning and the liver and curb the desire for sweets.
  • Thanks to the tartaric acid contained in the cucumber, the body cannot store carbohydrates as fat but can convert them directly into energy.
  • The enzymes contained in the cucumber kill bad bacteria in your intestines.
  • Potassium and magnesium as alkaline minerals balance out, and the body now no longer has to store excess acids in the fat cells.
    The cucumber consists of 95 percent water. This means that many active ingredients are supplied to the body in an optimally diluted form.
  • The cucumber has only 14 kcal per 100 g.
    Thanks to the fiber, digestion is promoted and the metabolism is relieved.
  • As you can see, this vegetable can do a lot! However, you should not rely exclusively on cucumbers – because so-called mono-diets can lead to dangerous deficiency symptoms and health risks!

Cucumber Diet

How the cucumber diet works

Unlike many other diets that quickly become monotonous, the cucumber diet has several variants to choose from. It is advisable to combine them. This provides variety on the table and helps to persevere with the weight loss variant. Cucumbers contain many valuable ingredients – so it’s worth integrating them into your daily diet! However, a mono diet in which only cucumbers are eaten is less advisable. If you return to your old eating habits afterwards, you will quickly put on the unloved kilos again.

Method 1: Incorporate as much cucumber as possible into your meals. Alternatively, you can replace one meal a day with a recipe that includes cucumber.

Method 2: Have a piece of cucumber before each normal meal, this will fill your stomach and make you feel fuller faster.

Method 3: Squeeze the cucumber and drink it as cucumber juice every morning. At lunch and dinner, combine the cucumber juice with cucumber salad (with little oil or yoghurt). Combine it as a side dish with all kinds of food, you will feel full faster and eat less.

Methods can be combined

Just try out which method suits you best to integrate cucumbers into your diet. You can also combine the different variants or change them daily. The only important thing is that you don’t just eat cucumbers. Even though vegetable contains many important nutrients, a diet that is too one-sided always carries the risk of deficiency symptoms.

However, the cucumber diet is a healthy weight-loss method that does not make you hungry and keeps you full.

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